Colds – can last up to 14 days. Kids under 3 years of age can have up to 60 to 80 days of cold symptoms from October to April. Often as a cold gets better another starts up almost immediately – this is usually 2 different colds, not the same one. For more details look at this video.

Colds video link:

Coughs – It is not unusual for coughs to last up to 14 days. For those disturbing nighttime coughs try a humidifier (for 2 days only as they build up mold), honey and herbal teas in kids over 1 years of age can help. For more details look at this video.

Coughs video

Ear infections –  there is light at the end of the tunnel! Ear infections peak at 9 to 18 months and stop occurring often by 3 years of age. Many can be treated with ibuprofen for 2 days to control pain but if the pain persists or recurs after 2 days come in to be seen. It is very rare that ear infections cause any permanent hearing damage. For more details look at this video.

Ear Infections video

Have a safe, healthy, and fun winter!

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