Dear Families,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now recommending that cloth face coverings be worn by all when leaving the home until surgical masks are more mass-produced and widely available.

Here is a link to the latest CDC guidelines:

Here are the CDC’s recommendations on how to wear, fit, and make face covers:

Turn the face mask making project into a craft project with the kids. You can make them out of old t-shirts! Make some for your neighbors!

South Korean Dr. Fauci … Kim Woo-joo:
South Korea has been viewed as a leader in the COVID-19 battle. The country has been able to better control the pandemic due to strick social distancing, a large testing program, and early adoption of face masks. Professor Kim Woo-joo from Korean University Guro Hospital is a leading COVID-19 expert. Please take the time to watch this incredibly informative video – it is 36 minutes and well worth it!  

Video URL:

Updates from Dr. Hartman:
While on voluntary furlough, Dr. Hartman is staying busy keeping up the fight against vaping and COVID-19! He’s been consulting with a company that will be distributing rapid COVID-19 tests to large medical institutions. The test gives a result in 3-7 minutes and has received Emergency Approval from the US FDA. This means that it’s being released on the market with less than the normal rigorous testing. Dr. Hartman is teaching the staff basic immunology and advising as a consultant on home test development, using his knowledge of our home strep test program. The tests will be available on the market in the next two weeks. 

Dr. Hartman is also keeping up his public health advocacy – in fact, last week, Dr. Hartman participated in a virtual debate with epidemiologists from the Boston University School of Public Health about vaping and the pros and cons of a nationwide flavor ban. Next week, Dr. Hartman will be delivering a series of lectures to Boston Children’s Hospital residents and MPH students on vaping and COVID-19. 

A Word of Thanks from Dr. Hartman: 
I want to thank everyone for the kind words shared with me at the outset of my furlough and for the amazing job my partners are doing to serve you. Please take a moment to thank our staff and partners for the sacrifices and the hard and stressful work they are doing. We are all here to serve your children, your teens, and you adults, too! 

Be well!

Lester Hartman, MD MPH
“Proactive in your child’s care. Empowering families for over 60 years.”

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