Starting May 5, I will be returning to see patients twice a week via telehealth. The plan is to ramp up to my full schedule over the summer.

While away, I tried to keep busy working on numerous public health-related endeavors.

  • I partook in two virtual debates with Boston University epidemiologists on the pros and cons of vaping for their medical and public health schools.
  • I gave two lectures to the Boston Children’s Hospital residents on the dangers of youth vaping and a historical retrospective of the efforts behind the Tobacco 21 and anti-vaping flavors movements in MA. In May he will be speaking to this group on COVID-19 and vaping potentially predisposes one’s lungs and immune system physiologically.

Parting Thoughts:

  • Have you heard of ‘Some Good News‘? If not, it’s heartwarming, clean, family fun comedy from actor John Krasinski. The show, which is hosted on YouTube, is “a news show dedicated entirely to good news” with Krasinski operating inside his home.
  • Cats and Coronavirus – The Bottom Line: Two NYC cats recently tested positive for the Coronavirus. We know that humans can pass on the novel coronavirus to some animals, but there is no evidence at this time that animals can pass it on to humans. More research is needed. In the meantime, the best practice is to take the same precautions with your pets as you would with humans.

Be well!

Dr. Hartman

“Proactive in your child’s care. Empowering families for over 60 years.”

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