By some accounts, we are now approaching the “end of the beginning” of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to take this opportunity to provide some practice updates and review new recommendations. 

Expanding in-office visits to stay on schedule with vaccines

  • as this pandemic persists, deferring vaccines puts our patients (and our community) at risk of other, non-COVID, life-threatening illnesses
  • we now recommend that the 18 month, 4 year, and 11 year check up be in-office
  • this is in addition to the newborns, 2 month, 4, month, 6 month, 12 month and 15 month check ups that we have already been seeing in the office

Catch-up vaccine for patients who had virtual visits in the last month

  • if your child already had a virtual visit and was unable to receive a vaccine, we will be reaching out with a plan to give these “missed” vaccines soon

All doctors and nurse practitioners are back!

  • starting later this week, all of the providers who have been out will be returning and available to see patients
  • this includes Dr. Hartman who will be seeing virtual visits only. 

Opening the Westwood and Easton offices starting Monday, May 4th!

  • all three offices will be open to see patients starting next Monday
  • only well check-ups listed above will be seen in the mornings and early afternoons
  • very limited, non-COVID, sick visits will be seen in the later afternoon
  • patients will continue to wait in their cars until ready to be seen (the waiting rooms are not being used)
  • very thorough cleaning of rooms takes place after each patient
  • all staff are wearing gloves, masks while in the office (with providers and nurses wearing eye protection as well) 

Majority of our visits will still be completed virtually

  • most check ups, med checks, and sick visits will still be completed via Zoom
  • overall, our experience the past month has been very positive with these visits
  • we have successfully diagnosed three cases of appendicitis, one child with kidney stones and much more all over ZOOM!

Make an appointment!

  • in order to stay up-to-date with your healthcare, we strongly encourage you to keep any existing visits
  • call us if you have previously canceled or are overdue for a check up
  • take advantage of this time period to pursue issues that have been present for a while but maybe were not deemed important enough to miss school or extra-curriculars
  • some issues may be more evident to you now that you are spending more time at home with your child and seeing them work up close!
  • we are available to discuss academic/learning skills, anxiety, depression, vaping/substance use, and other behavioral concerns
  • our behavioral health clinicians are also available to you

We hope that you and your families are handling this challenging time and are safe and healthy. We are here to help you in any way.

All of us at Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates
“Proactive in your child’s care. Empowering families for over 60 years.”

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