Happy April,

After rapid, almost daily, changes in office policies and management over the past few weeks, we are beginning to adjust to a new, hopefully temporary, style of practice.

As you know from previous messages, the majority of our visits are now taking place remotely via Telehealth visits. These are generally being quite successful and, dare we say, fun. We get to see a different side of the kids – it is nice to see all our patients more relaxed in their home environments!

We did want to provide some guidance on how to make these virtual visits go smoothly.

1) In order for Zoom Videoconferencing to work, you must log on THROUGH THE MYCHART APP. It will not work if you access MyChart through your web browser. When you first log on to the MyChart App you must select PPOC as the organization.

2) Please use a smartphone or tablet (as opposed to a desktop) for the visit.

3) Please consider weighing and measuring your child’s height before any visit If you have the capacity to take a blood pressure or temperature (for sick visits) that is also helpful.

4) Please complete any of the recommended surveys prior to your visits (this is especially true for check-ups and behavioral health checks).

Lastly, if you have had to cancel a recent visit with us or if you have an upcoming visit in the next 2 weeks, it would help us greatly if you could call the office to make sure you are all set for your visit. At the least, we will confirm your visit. We may need to convert the visit to a virtual visit or change the time depending on availability.

We hope you are all doing okay both physically and emotionally during this challenging time.

All of us at Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates