As of now, the FDA has not approved of any COVID-19 blood tests. Due to the extreme emergency, the FDA has “authorized” the use of a few tested products earlier than normal that are being allowed to be validated with fewer tested subjects than normal. It is mostly for mass screenings to see if a community has had a large number with the COVID-19 disease. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the limitations of COVID-19 testing. 

  1. During the initial days when you‘re sick, the test is highly likely to be negative. This likely false negative can mislead you into thinking you or your child does not have COVID-19. Only the nasal swab, that takes days to get back, can accurately tell you in the initial phase if you’re positive.
  2. Knowlege that you had COVID-19 does not necessarily mean you have protective immunity. Unlike chickenpox or mono, we don’t yet know what the exact level of protective immunity is nor how long that protective immunity could remain. These are qualitative tests, not quantitative.
  3. Hence the fact you have had COVID-19 previously does not mean you can return to work, school or be safe around someone with known or suspected active COVID-19. In other words, NEVER make a decision based on these results. 
  4. There are concerns about the quality of the tests manufactured in China and other countries, which may give people false positive and false negative tests
  5. It is unclear what the blood profile of an asymptomatic carrier looks like. At present, the only way to detect them is with the nasal swab. This person carries the virus and can infect other people.

Until there are further tests of these products we will not be offering the tests. 

Here is an article about these tests:

Thank you for your efforts, please stay safe and healthy! 

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