Are Restaurant Home Deliveries Healthy?
Here are DoorDash’s top 15 items that were ordered in 2019.

Know the Calories

Chipotle – Burrito Bowl: This can give you over 3/4th of your daily calories.
Here is Chipotle’s nutrition calculator.

McDonald’s – French Fries: Depending on size they can be 230 to nearly 600 calories.
Here is McDonald’s nutrition calculator.

Cheesecake Factory – Cheesecake: A single slice is between 830-1620 calories.
Here is the Cheesecake Factory’s nutrition guide.
  1. Try to avoid ordering food from fast-food restaurants on home delivery apps.
  2. Assume 1 meal from any fast food restaurant is enough calories for 2-3 people – share or save!
  3. Avoid empty calories from sugar-sweetened drinks – diet drinks are not much better.
  4. French Fries are junk food – limit them.
  5. Pick more plant-based non-processed food options.
  6. Keep active as much as possible – boredom makes us eat!
Something to Check Out

Check out the WeightWatchers App: This helpful tool provides a framework and is approved for children as young as 8 years old. This WeightWatchers App does not require any meal purchases or meetings. 

Virtual Nutrition Consults with Providers!

In the next 3 to 4 weeks WMPEDS will be scheduling virtual Nutrition Consults with providers using our telehealth. 

Stay tuned for more info! 

This email is not intended to focus on any specific retailers but is educating on food purchasing trends. 

If you need a night off from cooking and you’re able to – please consider getting something healthy for takeout/delivery from your favorite local restaurant! They need it badly right now! 

Be well and stay safe! 

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