We are now heading into our fifth (!) week of social distancing and remote learning and it is not clear how much longer we will be housebound.  While the stress and disruptive power of COVID-19 is evident, the extra time at home, minimal school hours, lack of extra-curriculars provide an opportunity to focus on our health and well-being in ways that may be difficult during the hustle and bustle of pre-COVID life. 

If there is an issue that your child or family have been dealing with, our behavioral health clinicians (Patrick SweeneyAnnie Gray, and Alyssa Johnson) are available to meet with you (virtually, of course).  

Please call the office to set up an appointment to address any of the following:

1) New Assessments for Anxiety, Depression, or Behavioral Concerns
2) Academic Underachievement, ADHD, or other School Issues
3) Low Self-Esteem
4) Sleep Issues
5) Substance Use/Abuse 
6) Parenting Issues/Challenges
7) Creating a Flexible Structure to the Day While Housebound During COVID-19 Pandemic

In addition, if your child has been previously getting counseling at school (meeting with adjustment counselor, etc. . . ) or is on medication for anxiety or depression and has been “unable” to participate in therapy due to scheduling issues (not wanting to miss school or activities), we would encourage you to set up an appointment now.  Therapy is a critical part of the management of anxiety and depression – no one should be managed on medication alone!

Lastly, if you have been having a difficult time (anxiety, stress, fear, etc. . . ) these last few weeks, our clinicians are available to help you.  Please reach out if you are struggling. 

We hope you are all doing ok, staying healthy, and that you and your loved ones are safe.

All of us at Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates