Talk to Your College Student!

Parents your teen/adult is about to start or head to college. Below are some comparison stats demonstrating the costs students face at student health centers and urgent care centers as compared to emergency rooms for minor illnesses.

2010 Cost Comparison Data from 4,000 Medical Offices, Clinics, and ER Visits in the Midwest
Diagnosis Code ER Cost Office Cost / Urgent Care Multiplier
Allergies $345 $97 3.6x
Bronchitis $595 $127 4.7x
Earache $400 $110 3.6x
Sore Throat $525 $94 5.6x
Pink Eye $370 $102 3.6x
Sinusitis $617 $112 5.5x
UTI $665 $110 6.0x
URI $486 $111 4.4x

Please consider the following:

  1. Make sure they have their Westwood-Mansfield MyChart app and login information to contact us with non-urgent questions.
  2. Make sure their phone has our office telephone numbers saved.
  3. Review the hours and days their health centers are open.
    1. Some are 8 AM – 8 PM during weekdays and 8 AM – 5 PM on weekends.
    2. Ask if your teen has had experience there and how they feel about the health center.
  4. Find what urgent care centers are in the area and the times that they are open.
    1. They can do most minor fractures and stitches.
  5. ER’s are for after hours, emergent or urgent issues.
  6. Give them our number to page the doctor on call if it is not life-threatening!

Make sure your college student has a picture of their recent Asthma Management Plan in their phone, a prescription for a steroid, and an Adult Nighttime Asthma Attack Plan.

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Have a fun, safe and healthy start to the school year!

All of Us at Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates