Dr. Hartman has been a member of this practice since 1986. He is very active in developing new innovative ideas for the practice (i.e., Home Strep Test program, empowering YouTube videos, and others). In 2013, he stepped down from the Pediatric Physicians Organization at Children’s Hospital Boston (PPOC) Board of Directors after 16 years. The PPOC is the second largest private practice network in the country. Dr. Hartman was the Quality Improvement Director for the PPOC for over three years focusing on long-term management of asthma. His focus has always been to educate families and to empower them to manage their child’s health as well as the families.

Dr. Hartman is presently the Medical Home Director for Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates and is teaming up with an Education Care Coordinator who aids in helping children and families dealing with school issues. In addition, he also collaborates with a Medical Care Coordinator dealing with the Special Needs Children. He has a special interest in complex medical children, children with autism, and children with asthma. He chairs a Medical Home Team that consists of four patient parent partners. Dr. Hartman also chairs the Regional Lyme Committee; thats purpose is to raise awareness, prevention, and early recognition of Lyme Disease. The committee has successfully collaborated with the Medfield School system, developing a yearly curriculum focused on Lyme disease. He hopes to spread this curriculum to other towns.

During 2011-2012, Dr. Hartman, with permission from his fellow partners, attended the Harvard School of Public Health and received a Masters in Public Health in Health and Social Behavior. Inspired by his professors and the Public Health definition – “the constant redefining of the unacceptable” – Dr. Harman has since been focused on preventing the return of the tobacco epidemic and collaborated with Children’s Hospital to change the Longwood Street entrance to reduce children’s exposure to tobacco as they walked from the parking lot.

In addition, Dr. Hartman is collaborating on a 2-year 2-arm study (2013) with the Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center and MIT Health Center on parental use of the rapid strep test IN HOPES OF IT BEING PUT OVER THE COUNTER AND INTO PARENTS’ HANDS. Presently he is a Mass General Hospital researcher collaborating with a Harvard Medical School professor (Dr. Jonathan Winickoff) on youth and tobacco as well as well as advocacy work to raise the tobacco purchase age to 21 years. They co-wrote a resolution on the age increase which now is endorsed by the 55,000 pediatricians of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Hartman is a former member of Physicians for Human Rights. And since 2003 been involved in Haiti at the Clinique Mt. Carroll de Juampas in Haiti. He journeys to the clinic with his family two to three times a year. He was in Port-au-Prince five days after the 2010 earthquake aiding relief efforts by bringing refugees up to the mountain clinic for shelter, food, and water. Dr. Hartman went to medical school at Louisiana State University. His residency was at Children’s Hospital Boston and Boston City Hospital. Past accolades include: Community Pediatrician award from the PPOC as well as being selected for Best Doctors numerously.

He lives with his wife, a former pediatric occupational therapist, with a master in religious education at Andover-Newton Theological School. She has studied Haitian Creole and recently became a Reverend Deacon in the Episcopal Church. She also works at the Mass East Episcopal Diocese on grant funding for international Mission. They have two daughters. Their oldest graduated from Tufts (2013) and is interested in Global Mental Health Policy and patient care. Their youngest is interested in being a film historian and attends Curry College. The Hartmans also have two dogs; a bishapoo named Teddy and a Bichon Frise named Buttons.

“Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics has an excellent collaborative, team based approach that is unique in the pediatric field designed to continuously improve care for both children and families.” Dr. Hartman continues, “We truly pride ourselves as being an influential, innovative practice in the PPOC.”