Since 2014, Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics has prided itself on its behavioral health program. Some of our families may be familiar with our program, while others may just now be learning of it for the first time via this email.

There are three of us who work at WMPeds providing behavioral health consultation and short-term treatment. As behavioral health consultants at WMPeds we are set up to see all of our patients via telehealth. This means we are using a HIPAA compliant video chatting software. Due to social distancing, we are relying on virtual visits and are not holding in-office appointments at this time.

We wanted to reach out and let you know that we are here to support your child/adolescent and your family unit as best as possible during this time of change. Many of you may have an existing appointment with one of us, and we want you to know that we are here (remotely) and able to continue with treatment. If you do not have an existing appointment with us, but think your child, adolescent or college student may benefit from access to a counselor, please reach out to the office and discuss this with a triage nurse or a medical provider. In many circumstances, we are able to start treatment virtually rather than waiting for an in-office appointment in the future.

We strongly encourage that patients 13 years and older call the front desk with their caregiver to set up their own MyChart account. This is relatively simple and takes just a few moments. If your child is 12 years or younger, we strongly encourage you to call and get your own parental MyChart account. These MyChart accounts allow us to schedule telehealth visits if the need were to arise. If you already have an appointment with us, please be sure to do this soon as it avoids last-minute scrambling to get technology in place before the appointment.

Additionally, if you desire the use of telehealth you will need two free apps. One is MyChart (if prompted to select an organization please select PPOC) and the second is Zoom (video conferencing app). Once you have a MyChart account and both apps in place, telehealth is just a click away.

Be well. 

Annie Gray, LICSW
Behavioral Health Consultant

To register your MyChart account please complete the following internal form HERE for each child. (url:

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