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patient education

How to Use Your Asthma Action Plan & Nighttime Asthma Attack Plan (VIDEO)

videoacute illnessmedication issuesasthmachronic disease managementpatient educationby ageadolescentsschool age child
In this video, Dr. Hartman gives an overview of the Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics Asthma Action Plan and Nighttime Asthma Attack...
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How to Use Your Asthma Inhalers & Equipment (Video)

School age (6 to 12 years)Adolescent (over 13 years)videoasthmachronic disease managementpatient educationby ageadolescentsschool age child
Asthma Nurse, Joanne DeBaggis, reviews all the different types of inhalers and demonstrates how they are to be...
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Acne (Video)

videopatient education
Dr. Hartman discusses the important information about acne...
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Asthma – Oximetry (Video)

patient educationby agetoddlersadolescentsby topicacute illnessby typevideoschool age child
Dr. Hartman demonstrates the home oxygen monitor and how to use...
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Asthma – Nighttime Emergency Management Plan

handoutspatient educationby topicacute illnessmedication issues
Nighttime Asthma Attack Plan: A Step before Going to the Emergency Room In the event of your child’s worsening asthma symptoms, there are a few steps you...
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Fever – When To Call Our Office

patient educationby agebabiestoddlersadolescentsby topicacute illnessby typehandoutsschool age child
Note: The following are guidelines only. Your child’s general appearance and the way he/she is acting are more important indicators of illness than the height of...
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Your Independent Toddler – Fun, Joy, Frustration and Conflict!

patient educationby agebabiestoddlersby topicdevelopmental concernsbehavioral healthby typehandouts
(Adapted from: Pediatric Care On-Line, Bright Futures, 12 Month Visit – see link to full article at bottom) A child’s first birthday is an exciting and...
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Immunization Schedule

handoutspatient educationby agebabiestoddlersadolescentsby topicmedication issuesschool age child
The following is a list of all routine check-ups recommended by Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics with any associated routine immunizations or screening tests performed at each visit. Our...
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Sleep – Healthy Habits

patient educationby agetoddlersadolescentsby topicby typehandoutsschool age child
When children sleep well, they wake up ready to participate fully in their daily activities. Here are some suggestions for helping your child get a good...
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