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Asthma – Nighttime Emergency Management Plan

Nighttime Asthma Attack Plan: A Step before Going to the Emergency Room

In the event of your child’s worsening asthma symptoms, there are a few steps you can take at home.* These can be done prior to calling the answering service or going to an emergency room. In most cases they will help get the attack under control.

1. Give albuterol by nebulizer or inhaler (dose per your plan) and do chest therapy if you have been taught.
2. Give a dose of oral steroids, (Orapred or Prednisone) per red zone in your asthma plan.
3. Give two more doses of albuterol if your child is not better. These may safely be done back-to-back (every 15-20 minutes).
4. Call office answering service. If your child is still having difficulty breathing, the doctor will be paged.
5. If your child is better, you may be instructed to continue albuterol treatments throughout the evening. Our office will call to arrange appointment in the morning (if you haven’t heard from us by 9:30 am please call!).


*This protocol is not applicable if your child is cyanotic (blue discoloration of the lips or skin), is lethargic, can’t talk normally, or has a fever (>101 degrees). Please give an albuterol neb and call the office answering service (or 911 for severe distress) for any of the above.