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Dr. Hartman discusses finger injuries, how to treat them, and when an Emergency Room visit may be necessary (hint: not often).

  • There are three types of common finger injuries: crush injuries (for example when the tip of a finger gets slammed in a door or window), hyperextension injuries (when a finger is “jammed”) or fractures.
  • Very rarely there may be significant angulation and disfigurement of the finger (not just swelling) or there may be a piece of the bone sticking out of the skin. In these two circumstances, emergency room evaluation and treatment may be necessary.
  • The vast majority of finger injuries, however, do not fall into this limited subset and can be safely managed at home (or evaluated in the office during regular hours).
  • Well over 75% of such injuries will heal on their own with minimal intervention. Home management should include treating with ibuprofen, icing the injured digit, and taping the finger to the neighbor finger (“Buddy taping”) or applying a splint (which can be purchased at a local pharmacy).
  • If your child has suffered a finger injury and you are not sure whether an Emergency Room visit is warranted PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE FIRST so we can guide you appropriately.


This video is intended only for patients of Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates. Please contact your physician for information if you attend a different practice.