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In 1972, federal legislators passed Title IX, laws designed to prohibit sex discrimination in education settings. Today, girls comprise almost 40% of all high-school athletes. Research has proven that girls reap physical, mental, and academic benefits from participation in sports. Such benefits include:

Physical Health:

  • decreased risk of obesity and elevated cholesterol
  • decreased risk of adult heart disease
  • decreased risk of certain cancers
  • increased bone mass (decreased risk of osteoporosis)

Mental Health:

  • improved self-esteem and self-confidence
  • more positive feelings about body-image
  • decreased risk of depression and anxiety
  • less likely to experiment with risky behavior (alcohol, drugs, sex)


  • higher grades and improved standardized test scores
  • more likely to attend college
  • greater lifetime earning potential

What You Can Do To Support a Girl in Sports

  • buy a girl a ball (and bat…) and play catch with her
  • watch sports events (especially women’s sports) with her
  • photograph your child being active
  • introduce her to active women
  • be an active role model yourself
  • encourage her to test her physical and emotional limits
  • let her get dirty!

Useful Web Sites

Girls Health – information on nutrition, girls’ bodies, and healthy fitness activities. Has sites for parents and kids.

Women’s Sports Foundation – sports and fitness information, including athlete profiles and updated listings of televised women’s sports.

Melpomene – Named after a female athlete who ran the first Olympic Marathon in 1896, this is a varied site with many articles on nutrition, exercise and girls’ health. Also has a extensive book list for girls.

Physical Activity & Sport in the Lives of Girls – The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Report on “Physical Activity & Sport in the Lives of Girls” Detailed exploration of the many issues surrounding girls in sports, including benefits of and barriers to participation.