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Tick Bites and Lyme Disease (Video)

  • Lyme disease is a short-term, life altering disease.
  • Early removal of ticks prevents Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases (ticks need to be attached for at least 24-48 hours in order to transmit the disease).
  • Visit www.TickEncounter.org for information on how to identify a tick, safely remove a tick, protect your yard and more.
  • 14-28 days of antibiotics are all that is needed to fully treat Lyme.
  • Blood work to test for Lyme disease is not helpful for primary Lyme disease (it is helpful when someone has a question of Lyme meningitis or arthritis).
  • For information on the treatment of Lyme disease, visit the Infectious Diseases Society of America website.
  • A new bacteria is in the deer tick called anaplasmosis. Treatment is similar. It is much rarer than Lyme but increasing. It has the fever, body ache and headaches of Lyme but with severe shaking chills and no rash.