While teens who contract the coronavirus have only a mild cold, a concern we have is that in combination, vaping and the coronavirus could cause serious damage to the lungs. An observation from looking at the Chinese data appears to show the use of vaping and smoking products as risk factors for becoming seriously ill. Here is a Reuters article reviewing NYC Mayor de Blasio on this topic. 

Additionally, the coronavirus has greatly slowed the import/export of goods from China to the US. That has been particularly evident in the vaping market. When local vape shops run out of their present stock of products, they have no time frame for when they will get their next shipment. 

This creates a perfect time for our addicted patients to quit. If you know or suspect that your teen vapes, gently and nonjudgmentally approach them with this information. With vape stores having difficulties receiving products, your teen may already be suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Below are two ways you can help your child quit their nicotine addiction. 

We suggest you read the following documents. Print them off to review with your teen or leave them around for your teen to review on their own. Remember to ask them if they’re using disposable JUUL knockoffs such as PuffBars, Mr. Freeze, and Fruyt. 

You can fund your teen’s nicotine patches, gum, and other approved nicotine cessation products. Check to see if your insurance will cover the cost of these products. 

We’d love to learn from your experience, if you’re interested please share any stores of your teen deciding to quit or how they quit. Stories and questions can be sent to Dr. Hartman at Lester.Hartman@childrens.harvard.edu

Parting thoughts… 

  • Telehealth is coming soon! To take full advantage please join MyChart! Click here to join MyChart.  
  • Rumors! To dispel a teen rumor, no, marijuana does not cure coronavirus. 
  • Lastly – Please do not vape anything. Please do not smoke anything. 

For information about handwashing, see CDC’s Handwashing website.

We will continue to provide updates as more information presents itself. ​

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