While you’re at home and your children are not participating in sports, it’s an opportune time to treat your children’s warts. Warts are very common in children. They are found most often on the fingers, feet, and knees. They are raised, usually have tiny black spots, and feel somewhat rough. 

More than 60% of warts will self-resolve within two years. In the meantime, we would like to offer a few Do It Yourself over the counter remedies. Please note, that warts are very tricky and any treatment we suggest is only about 50-60% effective.

Wart Removal Recommendations:
– Filing the wart with an emery board
– Using the over the counter product, Salicylic Acid, to assist in the removal.
– Using a freezing agent after the first 1-2 weeks 

To maximize your treatment and improve outcomes we highly suggest that you watch the following video on wart removal. 

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRPXE2HkjcY

Enlarge the picture and note the segmentation/petaling.

If the following at-home remedies do not improve your wart, please give us a call. In the rare case of a facial wart, we refer these cases to a dermatologist.

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